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Wallings ice cream is made using milk, from our herd of cows in the fields across the road, giving it providence.

Initially we made ice cream to compensate for the reduction in income as the farms milk production was reduced, due to the introduction of milk quotas, which were imposed upon the industry in 1984. However it soon became apparent that ice cream was going to be more than a side line within the Walling farming business.

As the ice cream business grew, we invested in better machinery, built an ice cream parlour to sell the ice cream on the farm and bought a van to transport the ice cream to a growing number of commercial customers.

Today we still take the milk form the cows across the road, or as we like to say real ice cream, needs real cows. But the fun never ends. The quest for the ultimate flavour continues, each one requiring rigorous sampling, to ensure total satisfaction “it’s a tough life!”