Check out our fab flavour list below, with descriptions for each flavour!

ice cream

Vanilla – A luxury creamy Madagascan vanilla
Apple Pie – Apple ice cream with pastry notes, and pieces of fruit
Banoffee – Rich toffee sauce rippled through banana ice cream
Black Cherry Ripple – A vanilla base with a bitter sweet black cherry sauce rippled through
Blackcurrant Cheesecake – Blackcurrant fruit swirled into a cheesecake ice cream
Black Forest Swirl – Creamy chocolaty ice cream with a swirl of black cherry sauce
Blue Banana – Simply blue ice cream with banana notes, a big favourite with kids of all ages!
Bonfire Toffee – Treacle ice cream with the addition of gooey honeycomb pieces
Bubblegum – Pink and a flavour blast from the past
Butter Toffee – A smooth creamy toffee ice cream
Chocolate – A smooth creamy rich chocolate ice cream, made with Belgian chocolate
Chocolate and Toffee – Chocolate ice cream with a rich toffee sauce swirl
Christmas Pudding (seasonal) – Let it be Christmas everyday with this traditional tasting ice cream
Coconut – A creamy coconut ice cream with real pieces of coconut
Cookies and Cream – Vanilla ice cream with a biscuit texture
Eton Mess – The quaint essential English dessert, but in the style of ice cream
Irish Cream – Just like the famous liqueur
Iron Brew – A lovely orange ice cream with that distinctive tangy fizz
Lemon Meringue – Lemon ice cream with a swirl of lemon curd and a scattering of meringue pieces
Liquorice and Blackcurrant – You must be a lover of liquorice to appreciate this very flavoursome ice cream with blackcurrant fruit pieces
Mint Choc Chip – A white clean tasting mint ice cream, so no colourings added, with a sprinkle of chocolate chips
Pistachio – A nutty almond tasting ice cream, green in colour
Rainbow – One for the kids, milk chocolate beans in vanilla ice cream
Raspberry Swirl – Creamy vanilla ice cream with rich raspberry sauce swirled through it
Rhubarb and Custard – Delicate pieces of rhubarb immersed in an ice cream custard
Rum and Raisin – Rum soaked raisins languishing in creamy rum flavoured ice cream
Salted Caramel – The classic sweet meets salty combination with a caramel note to finish
Saucy Cappuccino – A creamy coffee ice cream with a swirl of dark chocolate sauce
Stem Ginger – Traditional tasting ginger ice cream with pieces of stem ginger
Strawberry – Simply strawberry
Strawberries and Cream – Vanilla ice cream with strawberry fruit pieces
Toffee Crunch – A smooth rich creamy toffee ice cream with honey comb pieces intermingled
Triple Chocolate – Smooth rich chocolate ice cream, swirled with dark chocolate sauce and chocolate chips. (warning, you must like chocolate, a lot!)
Turkish Delight – Pink Turkish delight ice cream with a seam of milk chocolate running through
White Chocolate (Parlour only) – Creamy, sweet ice cream containing pieces of white chocolate.
Wallings Rocher (Parlour only) – Delicious, luxurious ice cream containing pieces of Ferrero Rocher
Cream Egg (Parlour only) – A perfect easter treat for those who love Cream Eggs!


Orange Sorbet – Refreshing and orange
Blackcurrant Sorbet – Fruity and refreshing
Lemon Sorbet – Very citrusy and zingy, very refreshing