The Farm was purchased by our great grandfather Tom Walling back in 1948. During that post war period, farming did enjoy good times and the countryside was a thriving place to live and work. However, since the late 1970’s it has taken a bit if a battering from one thing and another. Incomes have fallen and farms have had to increase in size and specialise in order to survive.

The need to diversify and adapt continue today and here at Wallings farm we have always worked hard to remain ahead of the game in order to provide a sustainable business model in a rural setting. The farm is still a working farm and a valuable part of our family business.

It provides our ice cream production with its major raw material, fresh milk, ensuring a true cow to cone experience. The farm also provides the animals; calves, sheep, hens and alpacas which are enjoyed by many of our visitors.

Our family very much look forward to welcoming your family down at the farm.